What’s the Average Shoe Size for Men?

What’s the Average Shoe Size for Men?

It is crucial to know the correct shoe size for men. You might be looking to start a business selling men’s shoes, or you may want to surprise your man by gifting him a pair of stylish shoes for his next birthday. You might also want to know the size of your shoes to order online.

Average Shoe Size For Men

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOOS), the average shoe size of American men is 10.5 inches, while the global average is 9-12 inches. The average shoe size for men in the UK is 9.

Finding the perfect shoe for your feet when shopping for footwear is essential. This guide will help you determine the correct shoe size for you.


You may have asked this question if you are out buying new shoes. According to a (1) study of several older men, almost 70% wore unfit shoes.

Wearing the wrong size shoe can have severe consequences for your health. Wearing the wrong size shoe can have severe consequences for your health. This study shows that most people have the wrong shoe size in width and length. In other words, squeezing your feet into tight shoes can lead to discomfort and blisters.

For older adults, too large or tight shoes can lead to foot problems and other severe conditions like bunions, ingrown toenails, and hammertoes.

Does Shoe Size Matter

To avoid these problems, you should wear shoes that aren’t too tight. No matter what brand, make sure your shoes fit perfectly. Make sure that the shoe’s shape is similar to your feet.


We now know how important it is for you to choose the correct shoe size. Our subsequent discussion will be about whether your foot size changes over time. The simple answer is yes. What are some factors that determine how big your feet are?

  • Age – As you age, your feet expand and become more prominent. This is because your ligaments and tendon lose their elasticity with age. Your feet won’t have anything to hold onto, so they will likely expand.

Does Foot Size Change Over Time

  • Weight: Another factor that can affect the size of your shoes is weight. You can increase your feet’s length by increasing your weight. This will cause your feet to become broader and flatter. This is a common problem for obese women and pregnant men.
  • Swelling Bunions, arthritis, and even edema can all cause feet to enlarge. Painful swelling of your feet can result from arthritis in the middle or big toe. Bunions and any other node in your feet are also possible.
  • Height – Finally, measurement can also affect the size of your feet. Your feet can grow if you are tall. Because of your height, a firmer foundation will be needed to balance and hold your body on the ground.


We have previously discussed the factors that influence the size of your shoes over time. Age, weight gain, height, and other foot conditions like swelling have all been mentioned. How do you measure the shoe’s size? First, measure your foot.

You can use a Brannock device to measure your shoe’s length or width or simply a ruler. Second, and most importantly, measure your feet when they are swollen. You’ll be able to find a shoe that is slightly bigger and more comfortable.

We mentioned earlier that the average shoe size for men in different regions is different. The average US shoe size for men is 10.5. The average shoe size for men in the UK is 9. In the rest of the world, it is 9-12.


Here’s an easy formula to determine your foot size. To determine your foot length, you will need a ruler. Next, multiply the figure by 3, subtracting 22 ( length (inches) + 22).

Assuming your foot is 10 inches long, your shoe size will be 3×10 – 22 = 8.

The width is also essential when trying to figure out the average shoe size of men. The number on the shoe usually represents the length. Some shoe brands may indicate a letter beside the number representing the width. Some of these letters are:

  • Extra Narrow refers to A or 2A
  • Narrow is represented by B
  • Medium is represented by D
  • Comprehensive guides to E or 2E
  • 4E+ represents Extra Wide

Most men’s shoes are of medium width. This means that most men’s shoes will be a size D, regardless of the number.


There you have it. As you can see, the average shoe size of men depends on where they live and their genetic heritage. For example, the average shoe size in the US is 10.5, while it is 9. for the UK and 9-12 elsewhere.

However, many factors affect the average shoe size of most men. These factors include height, weight, age, and pre-existing conditions like arthritis, Bunions, or foot deformities.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand today’s topic. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.


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