What Kind Of Shoes Are Good For Volleyball? Guides For Beginners

One of the necessary volleyball equipment items is a pair of volleyball shoes. You should thus ensure that your footwear is ideal for you.

Players need to be comfortable while using volleyball shoes. You should feel your feet moving in harmony with your gear.

Your feet must comfortably fit snugly into the volleyball footwear while having enough room for your toes.

Adidas volleyball footwear, for example, tends to run large, so you may need to size it down by half to suit your foot.

If you plan to purchase volleyball footwear online, you must check the measurement by looking at their size chart first.

What kind of shoes are good for volleyball? Not all types of footwear are suitable for this sport, meaning you must have a specialized pair.

However, several brands and categories in the market may confuse you when choosing the right pair.

Let’s refer to this post to learn some outstanding recommendations and pick the best-suited one!

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Special?

The footwear for volleyball is quite extraordinary. Its design is different from other types, like basketball or running shoes.

While skating in certain sports is possible with a cross trainer, doing so might negatively affect a player’s performance or even put them at risk for injury.

What makes volleyball footwear unique? Let’s look through their different components below!

Gum Rubber

Have you come across the term “gum rubber”? Because of this kind of rubber, volleyball shoes are so advantageous.

The rubber substance is frequently used to suit the footwear while preventing skid traces on the courts.

Gum rubber is soft and malleable to the touch. This rubber has possibly been utilized in squeegees and tubes.

Gum rubber is flexible, allowing for movement and impact on the field, and it is durable even after several jumps.

Besides allowing greater flexibility, the gum rubber is helpful for players’ movements.

The gum rubber provides the essential grip for fast cuts, hops, and stop-and-go movements.

Gum rubber’s grip and slip-resistance are characteristics unmatched in many other shoes, let alone crucial to preventing injury.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Good For Volleyball? Guides For Beginners


Supporting the foot’s ball is the primary objective of the midsole of volleyball footwear.

The players spend a lot of time on the ball of their feet, so a shoe’s midsole needs to be sufficiently sturdy to absorb shock while allowing for flexibility.

Volleyball footwear assists the players’ posture by combining foam-gel, foam, and air cushions in the midsole.

Players that focus strongly on balancing on the balls of their feet can move fast and from side to side rather than become fatigued.


The feet motion generates heat, and heat causes moisture and sweat. You want footwear that allows ventilation to keep the toes dry and prevent them from slipping about in your footwear.

The upper part of these sneakers generally consists of mesh or nylon. The material allows for ventilation, which prevents moisture buildup and keeps your foot cooler. More excellent performance is associated with cool, dry feet.


You must make sure the footwear you select has enough cushioning.

Your feet may swell due to the constant impact accompanying playing and all the leaping. Thus, Your once-comfortable footwear now appears incredibly tight.

Compression molding and gel often serve as the inside padding. The cushioning, like other parts, lets your footwear absorb stress and facilitates rapid cross motions when you play.

You run a higher risk of being hurt during the game without this feature.


Never mind getting weighed down by solid kicks. Women’s versions of these shoes weigh 9.2 – 11.0 ounces, while men’s versions weigh 11.2 – 15.0 ounces.

The lightweight design of volleyball sneakers enables players to make the most of their footwear rather than having it work against them.


You shouldn’t feel any rubbing or pinching when wearing a volleyball sneaker.

The footwear shouldn’t let your foot slide over inside of it, just like other athletic shoes.

It doesn’t take much time for the heels and foot’s sides to develop blisters or friction burns from repeated jumping.

The final issue you must consider is how to prevent aggravating a raw region when trying to stop a spike.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Good For Volleyball?

After researching, below is a list of the types of shoes you should wear when playing volleyball.

Adidas Originals Crazy Flight

More than just court-ready, these volleyball sneakers are also season-ready.

They have various features, including ADITUFF and boost technologies, SPRINTSKINTM uppers, PU sock liners, and non-marking outsoles.

They boast a structure that facilitates toe-offs with softer landing impacts.

Additionally, these shoes have a nice appearance, so you may wear them and feel good about your appearance.

Load rate may be difficult for your knees, especially considering the force rebound from a substantial leap, let alone frequent jumping.

These volleyball sneakers are a great option because hopping frequently occurs in this sport.

Athletes should preserve the appearance of the court by refraining from using shoes that leave scars and markings on the surface.

You can achieve this goal by wearing Adidas Originals Crazy Flight footwear.

In terms of price comparison with the other top volleyball footwear, these types fall into the middle range.

Asics Volley Elite

These ASICS volleyball shoes with high tops are a terrific option for individuals who require additional ankle support.

Gel padding reduces load rate and prepares you for quick stance changes.

Your feet are in a stable place thanks to the synthetic leather layers. The rubber sole contributes to the crucial traction for unexpected stops.

This system maintains structural integrity while effectively reducing the total weight of the footwear through the outsole.

Thus, you get something both lightweight and robust. With this technology, you get more pleasant toe-offs with reduced landing impact ratios.

Regarding the load rate, this footwear provides good all-around foot health. The pricing of these ASICS volleyball footwear is in the middle range.

Asics Gel Rocket 8

With their achievements in creating the comfiest and most long-lasting footwear, ASICS has consistently topped the rankings.

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 is not a newcomer to the ASICS technologies or outstanding value. Your feet may get too warm while running, leaping, and moving.

Thanks to the innovative lightweight mesh top with synthetic layers, your feet may get the oxygen required. So, you aren’t disturbed at your next crucial time.

The main thing keeping you from experiencing discomfort while playing or just after is suitable padding.

Thanks to the front GEL rocket cushion, your foot is always ready for any turn, impact, or pressure-filled situation.

ASICS established a reputation for producing high-quality athletic gear with value assured, and the cost may not be excessively high.

Many people think these shoes are budget-friendly but still worth it. This brand has many other options for volleyball. You can watch this video to learn more:

Asics Gel Tactic 2

These ASICS shoes feature Trusstic System technology, which helps to cushion landing impacts and promote toe-offs support.

They offer an airy mesh top that promotes ventilation and general foot wellness.

These are the perfect option for people who want more ventilation within their footwear.

You may move quickly while maintaining the significance of strength in a stance thanks to the upper’s stabilizing synthetic overlays.

Rubber outsoles also improve traction. These sneakers also have seamless construction.

While maintaining structural integrity, these shoes give the ideal degree of flexibility.

These sneakers fall towards the lower end of the middle price range. Additionally, they are appropriate for court.

Nike Volley Zoom HyperSpike

As a well-known and successful name in the sports industry, Nike has produced products with excellent comfort and durability.

This Nike volleyball shoe is perfect for professional games with a mesh upper, superior lockdown technologies, and Phylon midsoles.

This shock absorption is astoundingly effective for players who spend much time on the court.

Lightweight footwear is necessary when playing this sport, and this footwear boasts this feature by providing synthetic uppers.

In other words, the Volley Zoom Hyperspike’s shoes allow players to leap and spike immediately.

For optimal playability on the field, there must be excellent traction between the sole and the court.

With these shoes, you can be sure that every contact between the outsole and the ground will have a firm grip because of the rubber’s minimal cushioning.

The price of these shoes is relatively higher, but it’s worth the investment.

What To Consider When Buying Volleyball Shoes?

Before purchasing a pair of volleyball shoes, you must consider several factors. Here are some of the most essentials you should know:


This factor is essential, especially when you want to play this sport or participate in events that last all day.

Your feet need to be pain-free and comfortable in these circumstances. Performance won’t be at its best if your toes or feet are in pain.


Stability is crucial when picking a footwear since this sport involves frequent direction changes.

If you use an ordinary pair of sports shoes, they may not provide enough support you require.

It’s particularly true when considering volleyball’s propensity for sideways motions.

Undoubtedly, wearing appropriate footwear for the sport won’t shield you from an ankle roll, but it can offer support and prevent injuries.


When you consider volleyball footwear, you likely picture mesh that has been thoughtfully positioned for optimal ventilation. These vents enable air to go into the places that require breathability most.

Because of developments in this field, manufacturers can add moisture-wicking components to footwear without compromising their strength or weight, ensuring optimal performance.


The upper section of the footwear is frequently constructed of a breathable mesh, which makes it lighter and enables oxygen to pass.

It allows the toes to circulate air, reducing moisture and maintaining a lower temperature.

Shoes for volleyball should strike a delicate balance between durability and lightweight.

These are the characteristics of all excellent volleyball shoes. However, some companies place more weight on particular attributes than others.


Volleyball shoes feature the most cushioning of any sporting footwear.

Since leaping is a significant element of this sport, you must ensure your feet are appropriately cushioned if you do not want them to get sore or damaged.

Jumping up and down and landing forcefully generates a lot of stress. It can accumulate on the feet, which is terrible for the ligaments and ankles.

Cushioning reduces the impact the feet experience when you jump by absorbing some of the shocks.

While playing the sport for extended periods, cushioning also makes your feet more comfortable.

Volleyball shoes should often have cushions at the heel, forefoot, insole, and midsole to have optimum protection.


Unlike other sporting footwear, these shoes’ outsoles offer excellent grip when worn on hardcourts.

Hard courts frequently get slick, but gum rubber truly grips the surface. The gum rubber outsole should be relatively soft and flexible to offer decent traction on this surface.

Additionally, the traction patterns must have an adequate grip or flex grooves to encourage a comfortable foot bend.


Volleyball shoes must also provide a lot of support. This sport involves much leaping in addition to side-to-side motion.

Your ankles are under a lot of stress during side-to-side motions. Sprained ankles can happen if something is incorrect.

For this reason, volleyball shoes need strong ankle and lateral support.


It’s best to invest in a durable pair. It would be best if you store your shoes in the proper places to prevent them from wearing out quickly.

Using your shoes at least four or five times each week should last a complete season.

They can last for over one season if you care for them properly. If worn casually, these shoes may last around two or three seasons.


Can You Play Volleyball In Regular Shoes?

The answer is no! You should wear specialized shoes when playing this sport for many reasons.

Volleyball shoes are designed to cushion the shock and adhere to the surface when necessary due to the frequent leaping and side-to-side motions.

The lightweight design of these sneakers makes leaping and lateral motions considerably simpler.

Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball?

The bad news is no. It’s not a good idea to wear running shoes to play volleyball.

Running shoes are primarily designed for forward motion and are built for outdoor activity.

Conversely, volleyball footwear provides stability on hardwood courts, stress absorption, and lots of quick crossovers, jumps, and cross-cuts.

Are Tennis Shoes Okay For Volleyball?

The answer is no! Tennis shoes are not suitable for volleyball. Here are some explanations:

  • Design: Tennis shoes have a classy, slim appearance. Whereas volleyball shoes can appear a little oversized and unfashionable
  • Weight: Compared to tennis shoes, volleyball sneakers are often lighter. Consequently, they may quickly leap up and down.
  • Soles: Volleyball footwear soles are made of gum rubber to offer better traction on the field. Whereas tennis footwear has aggressive soles.
  • Midsoles: The midsoles of tennis shoes are made with an aggressive base. However, shoes for volleyball are made to provide you with solid support, cushion, and quick movements.

Should Volleyball Shoes Be Tight?

The volleyball shoe must fit tightly and allow the player’s foot to move freely inside it to function correctly.

It’s good to leave a finger’s breadth or a little less between your toes and the footwear tip while trying on.

Are Volleyball And Basketball Shoes The Same?

No! A basketball shoe is not similar to volleyball footwear.

Despite having a comparable outside design, the interior architecture of each footwear differs depending on the player’s skill level.

Final Thoughts

This article has eventually reached the bottom of your headache question: What kind of shoes are good for volleyball?

Many options from different brands are available on the market. You can consider getting one from the list above.

Most importantly, you must consider factors, such as weight, outsole, support, durability, breathability, damping, stability, or cushioning.

If you have further questions about this topic, please feel free to comment below. We’re willing to reply to them all.

Thanks for taking the time to follow this post!

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