What does GS mean in shoes? Everything You Need to Know

What does GS mean in shoes?

You’ve probably used certain abbreviations and terms when shopping online for shoes, such as GG. While some shoe lovers are familiar with these terms, many newcomers don’t know what they mean.

To avoid confusion, most buyers will avoid buying shoes online. This is to ensure that they are not confused about the sizes. These complicated acronyms and terminologies can be understood easily.

What Does GS Mean in Shoes

This guide will explain each term’s meaning focusing more on GS. We’ve also discussed the critical factors to consider when shopping to buy shoes for your child and how to measure your child’s feet when choosing the correct shoe size.


Most people will answer GS with “Good Shoes” or “Grip Sole” when asked. While you may be right at times, Grade School is the correct meaning for GS. Grade School refers to the size of a sneaker on your child’s feet.

GS is the largest size for children in Nike’s shoe size chart. This is how Nike reveals the correct sessions of the Air Jordan sneakers, making it easier to find the right one. The size chart also shows that GS is closely followed by PS (Preschool) and TD(Toddler), making it easier to distinguish them.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of sizes and styles available when shopping for Grade School sneakers. GS makes it easy to narrow your choices by separating children’s shoes from adults in the size chart. You can distinguish between a GS 7, 6, or 4 shoe for a child and a size 7, 6, and 4 for an adult.

When choosing the correct shoe size for your child, it is essential to remember that these charts do not consider factors like arch height and length. Measuring your child’s feet before you refer to the chart to determine the correct size is a good idea.


While Nike still uses the GS sizing charts to classify its footwear line, other brands are gradually using this method. There are many factors to consider when buying GS shoes online. Here are some key parameters.


It would be best if you were careful when shopping online for sneakers. You’ll find many confusing acronyms that will overwhelm you while shopping online. This guide primarily focuses on GS, but it’s worth knowing some other acronyms.

  • GS stands for Grade School
  • PS = Pre-School
  • GB = Boy Grade School
  • BC = Baby Crib
  • GG = Girl Grade School
  • TD stands for Toddler
  • EP stands for Engineered Performance


The following parameter to be considered is the size. This refers to the shoe length of your child’s foot. Many brands, such as Nike and Adidas, offer a variety of sizes for their different categories.

There are so many options it can be challenging to choose the right sneakers for your children. To find the right size for your child, measure his feet. Measure the arch height, width, and length.

Lastly, consider the purpose of the GS shoes for your child. It would be best if some shoes, such as the Air Jordan sneakers, were more flexible than others. This means your child will be able to break in the boots faster than shoes intended for school purposes. You should also consider whether the shoes will be worn for school, sports, or recreational activities such as hiking.

If you feel overwhelmed, here is a comprehensive GS, PS, and TD shoe size chart. This data only applies to Jordan’s and Nike’s footwear and focuses on the US, UK, and EUR.

GS (Grade school) Shoe Chart

3.5Y 3 35.5
4Y 3.5 36
4.5Y 4 36.5
5Y 4.5 37.5
5.5Y 5 38
6Y 5.5 38.5
6.5Y 6 39
7Y 6.5 39.5

Pre-School Shoe Chart

10.5C 10 27.5
11C 10.5 28
11.5C 11 28.5
12C 11.5 29.5
12.5C 12 30
13C 12.5 31
13.5C 13 31.5
1Y 13.5 32
1.5Y 1 33
2Y 1.5 33.5
2.5Y 2 34
3Y 2.5 35

TD (Toddlers) Shoe Chart

2C 1.5 17
3C 2.5 18.5
4C 3.5 19.5
5C 4.5 21
6C 5.5 22
7C 6.5 23.5
8C 7.5 25
9C 8.5 26
10C 9.4 27


It would be best if you also searched for reviews about the GS shoes you are interested in. You can search for reviews about Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers to discover their pros and cons before deciding whether to buy one for your children.


Another critical factor is whether GS shoes are available. Are these shoes available for children, or are they no longer in production? Finding some of the most popular brands, such as Air Jordan, can be difficult. It is essential to find reliable sources to connect you with Jordan-branded sneakers.

Secondly, not all Air Jordan sneakers are available in GS sizes. You’ll need to look for alternatives to Jordan-based sneakers for your children.


We’ve already discussed finding the correct shoe size for your child, but we didn’t discuss how to measure it. We’ll now discuss precisely how to measure your child’s feet.

How to Measure Your Kid’s Feet

First, get a pencil, paper, ruler, and a ruler. Next, please have your child stand in front of the wall with their feet aligned. Make sure the surface is level.

Step 2: Take a ruler and measure your child’s inside feet from the wall. (Assuming the heel is against the wall) Measure the length of the most significant toe. This measurement should be written down on a piece of paper.

Step 3: Log in to Nike’s measuring device and complete the measurements. Nike’s sizing tool can help you determine the correct GS shoe size.


GS shoes are a good option for petite adults with tiny feet. However, GS sizes tend to be cheaper than their adult counterparts. If you buy an adult size, designer shoes such as Nike’s Air Jordan may be pretty expensive.

It is possible to find a designer-branded GS shoe that fits perfectly. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your feet.


Step 1: You will need a ruler, pen, and paper.

How Do You Measure Your Feet

Step 2: Place the paper on the ground. Place your foot flat on the floor and ensure it perfectly aligns with the state. Then, stand on the form.

Step 3: Mark the heel with a small line and the toe on the largest.

Step 4: Lift your foot from the paper to measure how far you are from the marks. Measure the distance using a ruler and then record the measurement in centimeters.

Step 5: Enter your measurements into the online sizing tool. This will help you determine the correct size GS shoe for you.


What does GS in shoes mean? It can be overwhelming to learn these acronyms, even if you are not a shoe lover. We believe that this brief guide will answer your questions in a more detailed and informative way.

This guide covers all the terms and conditions you need to know when shopping for sneakers online or in a shop. We have also included detailed and informative charts to help you find the right size.

We believe you will be better equipped to make the right choice next time you shop for Nike sneakers or Air Jordan footwear.


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