What Color Shoes To Wear With Dark Green Dress?

The color green is attractive and luxurious, and it is a symbol of prosperity, energy, passion, and nature.

Additionally, dark green is the perfect shade for weddings and is among the most fashionable hues to dress up at special events, evoking the wearer’s elegance.

While it is a trendy tone, you may not know how to mix colors to match all items of your outfit. What color shoes to wear with a dark green dress?

Look no further than this article! It will help you decide which shoe color options to go with your dress. Let’s dive into each recommendation!

What Color Shoes To Wear With Dark Green Dress?

A dark green dress may make you get noticed. What shoes will you select to go with this impressive outfit?

Here are some footwear color suggestions for different tones of green!

Recommendations For Dark Emerald Green

Dark green is also called emerald green. Imagine it to be the color of grass. When most people think about this tone, they picture this standard shade.

Below are some shoe ideas for these emerald dark green dresses:

1. Silver & Gold Shoes

You can have problems finding the ideal golden shade for your emerald green outfit, although dark green garments appear perfect with gold shoes.

You can accomplish that, especially when you wear a lot of gold jewelry. Silver footwear, on the other hand, will perhaps be more elegant.

The combination of silver and emerald is perfect. The footwear’s color will echo the dress’s tone and exude an unmatched brilliance.

You can also put on some silver jewelry and bring a purse or clutch that matches the outfit.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Dark Green Dress?

2. Black Shoes

If you want to go for a more traditional and conservative appearance, it’s always a good idea to select black shoes.

The green clothing is cheerful enough to make things enjoyable so the entire atmosphere won’t be overly gloomy.

It would be best if you thus thought about donning footwear that is equally spirited.

Try to choose black footwear with charming accents. Emerald green will look great when paired with patent leather.

It’s a tried-and-true strategy for standing out from the crowd without appearing overly eccentric.

Black shoes look gorgeous, accessorized with bows, beads, and buckles. Ensure your dress isn’t overshadowed by the footwear design.

Pick a simple pair of heels if your dark green dress has several embellishments.

3. Blue Shoes

Unexpectedly, blue-colored footwear works nicely with emerald green. You may choose any shade of blue.

The Navy may give off a prep-school atmosphere while bringing down the dress’s brightness.

Cobalt blue may add a whimsical element to your outfit and is as daring as the dress.

Despite being more subdued than cobalt, royal blue can bring together hues adjacent to one another on the color spectrum.

Combining blue footwear and an emerald dress is a fantastic way to express your uniqueness without appearing overly flashy.

4. Brightly Colored Shoes

Depending on your style and the circumstance, you can combine your emerald green dresses with brightly colored footwear.

You can consider orange, mauve, red, or yellow. When combining vivid colors means you are eager to take risks.

Recommendations For Forest & Hunter Green

The shade of forest and hunter-green is earthy and dark. It doesn’t have intense emerald shades. They may be almost black, making them attractive for formal occasions.

You can combine them with different shoes depending on your dress style. Below are some recommendations:

1. Black Shoes

The most obvious shoe choice for dark green may be black. Without being overly contrasting, it highlights the color’s depth.

Black has always been elegant. Also, it is suitable for an event requiring a black dress code.

Opt for black footwear if you plan to go somewhere formal and do not want to risk being underdressed.

2. Brown Shoes

Brown will be the ideal hue to go with a casual dress. The earthy shade of your dark green dress will look fantastic with leather footwear in the neutral tone of any leather shoe style.

Call for a pair of brown leather moccasins, flats, or loafers for a preppy breakfast or a holiday excursion.

In the summertime, strappy sandals look fantastic with dresses in a dark green color. Get a stiletto pair so it will go well with your green outfit.

Dark green gowns look great, with any brown shoe as well. Tan and beige also fit perfectly, but dark brown will look attractive.

3. Metallic Shoes

Green goes well with metallics. Warm colors like those of a forest or a hunter work well with gold heels and other accessories.

Gold is bright and wealthy. It possesses an earthy charm and complements warm greens effectively.

If your shoe style is tasteful, you can opt for a gold tone for traditional occasions.

Silver is a bit cooler than gold. This hue has a strong connection to industry and machines. It has a little fresher, more contemporary feel than gold.

You’ll look elegant and stylish if you wear dark green clothing with silver footwear.

Silver metallic footwear reveals your carefree, enjoyable spirit and suggests that you are not in any way stuffy.

Metallics come in a variety of glitter and tones. There are high heels available that appear to have been covered with sparkles.

The gloss on other metallic footwear is faint. For formal occasions, the more subdued ones are ideal.

Another option for metallic footwear with a black-green outfit is champagne-colored footwear. Compared to brilliant gold, it is more subdued.

4. Ivory Shoes

If you seek a pair of high heels to mix and match with your dark green dress for summertime, it’s best to opt for ivory sandals or pumps.

As opposed to bright white, ivory is less striking. Since the dress is a dark green, it won’t seem shocking when paired with it.

Nevertheless, it’s a traditional, neutral shade that gives you a classic impression. Pearls, a dark green dress, and ivory shoes go well together.

5. Shoes With Animals Prints

Although many people pair animal print footwear with colors like brown, black, silver, and gold, these prints look chic with outfits in dark green.

You might look stylish in a basic hunter-green dress paired with leopard-print heels.

Wearing flashy footwear with a basic dress has a way of giving you a mysterious appearance.

Wearing these shoes to a gathering or out for cocktails is suitable. They are not always the ideal option for formal events.

Recommendations For Lime Green

Lime green has a light, sunny, retro, and energetic feel. It draws attention, making itself outstanding from the crowd.

Below are some ideas for selecting suitable shoe colors for this clothing:

1. Citrus Shoes

You can select a pair of citrus shoes for your lime green dress. It’s best to opt for the shade of flesh of oranges, lemons, or grapefruits.

Some color options, such as orange, coral, or yellow, will be ideal for a dark lime green outfit.

2. Patterned Shoes

Don’t be hesitant to blend a pattern and a bright hue. Any design, like polka dots, flowers, and stripes, will look good.

The use of pattern and color will influence your overall look. For example, consider using polka-dotted or striped shoes to convey an impression of playfulness.

Lime color also has a funky effect on graphic patterns. Retro-inspired flowers from the 1970s would be lovely.

Combining your dark lime green dress with pastels is a good idea if you prefer a conservative look.

Your outfit could be appropriate for any Easter lunch or brunch because delicate flowers soften the look.

You can also pair your lime green clothing with lace-up shoes to get a more formal look.

3. Gray Shoes

A lime green dress outfit and gray footwear go together for a casual look. Shoes in various charcoal tones of canvas lace-up and slip-on styles are versatile and comfortable to use daily.

Gray matches everything, making them simple to wear with your lime green outfit.

4. Sneakers

If the outfit is informal, you could have additional shoe color choices. The options are endless in such instances.

You may wear sneakers in practically any color. White will appear fresh and youthful.

Even several lime green outfits would go well with running sneakers in a bright tone.

5. Sandals

For the summertime, flip-flops and sandals are appropriate with lime green clothes. Leather sandals are available in white, brown, or ivory.

Additionally, lime green outfits look great with espadrilles. They exude that vacation-like light, carefree vibe that matches your attire.

Recommendations For Seafoam Green

A typical shade for bridesmaid gowns is seafoam green. However, it might be challenging to discover the ideal footwear to go with it.

Here are some shoe color suggestions for this medium-range shade:

1. Nude Shoes

Recently, seafoam green and nude shoes have become increasingly popular combinations.

When searching for the ideal pair of shoes, opting for nude color is always a safe bet. It complements the skin tone and works with almost any dress shade.

Unnoticeable footwear blends in with the background and doesn’t contrast with the color of the garment.

Nude is also a delicate color, similar to sea foam green. It, therefore, exudes a gentle vibe.

When wearing your seafoam green dress with nude heels, one potential problem is that the whole ensemble may look too soft.

Pastel colors overdone can give off a childish vibe. Nude is not too delicate, but it is soft enough.

Select a tone with a hint of pink if you like to boost the nude element. If this shade isn’t too peachy, it will look great with any seafoam green outfit.

2. Gray Shoes

If you don’t know what to wear with your seafoam green clothing, it’s best to select gray footwear.

Several seafoam shades feature some gray elements. For this reason, combining two things in an outfit is reasonable.

Opt for a gray shade a little darker than your dress for a polished appearance that suits almost any event.

3. Metallic Shoes

The coolness of the color spectrum makes silver more likely to be popular. Champagne and gold are excellent choices, nevertheless.

White shoes go well with outfits in seafoam green throughout the summertime during the year.

The shade of your dress is not too vivid, so it won’t contrast harshly with the tone of silver.

4. Patterned And Purple Shoes

If the soft shade of your dress is subdued and unsuitable for your style, you can select something outstanding.

Dresses in seafoam green work well with purple mauves and specific blues. Patterns may also be effective.

A stunning floral shoe would completely transform your seafoam green outfit.

How To Mix And Match Colorful Shoes With Green Dress?

Are you willing to try something new? If yes, the next step is to try on several colorful footwear.

Contrary to popular belief, you can wear non-neutral hues with any green outfit or pair of trousers.

The first choice you have if you select this strategy is to wear green footwear. Not every time should you wear contrasting footwear.

An ideal match is an option from time to time. It depends on whatever you desire from your ultimate look.

You can select shoes that are the same matching green shade as your outfits, such as green pants or dresses.

Additionally, you might combine different shades of green. Both options have great visual appeal.

Do you want more options apart from green? Look at the color wheel. Check the opposite sides to select complementary colors.

For instance, green is in contrast with red. Thus, you may opt for bold red footwear to pop your green outfits.

Furthermore, you can use the colors next to the green shade, such as blue and yellow. In other words, you can combine gold and silver shoes with your green dress.

If you want more tips to use the color wheel to choose suitable outfits, you can watch this video:

Wrapping Up

What color shoes to wear with a dark green dress? This clothing may pair well with various shoe color options, including neutral tones and vibrant shades.

While neutral options create an elegant look, light colors make your outfits outstanding and get noticed.

To sum up, it’s up to the style and appearance you want to have. Black footwear is always a safe option if you are unsure what to select.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and see you in the following article!

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