I am drying Wet Uggs without Ruining them!

I am drying Wet Uggs without Ruining them!

Uggs are unique, as we all know. They can be worn for almost any occasion. You can choose from various materials, including wool, fur, suede, and fur.

Ugg boots are unique among other brands because of these features. They can get wet or dirty from rain or snow. Drying them can be difficult. It is up to you to clean it or wash it. Here are some methods to dry Ugg boots.

drying Wet Uggs


Many people have failed to dry their Ugg boots properly. Although drying shoes is simple, Ugg boots require more attention than other boots. Before drying them, let’s clarify whether Ugg boots can be waterproof.



This is because not all Ugg boots can be waterproof. They aren’t impervious to 100% of the classic models. They are made for winter, snow, and rain so they won’t absorb much moisture. They can provide some protection since they are made from suede. However, this material is difficult to clean.

The company realized that the classic line-up was no longer viable and decided to make a new upgrade. They upgraded the model to include a waterproof function. This feature is not durable and must be re-wound every six months unless necessary.



Ugg boots waterproofing is not permanent and must be re-done by you. Ugg boots come with a kit. You will usually find solutions and brushes included in the kit. It usually contains a conditioner as well as a cleaner. It would be best if you used them in the correct order. This will ensure that your boots are in top condition.


This should be a priority if your boots are particularly wet from rain, snow, or mud. Before drying your shoes, take a look at the steps.

Dry Wet Uggs

Put a Towel Under Them

No matter what method you choose, place towels underneath your boots. This will prevent droplets from staining the floor or the area where you are doing it. This is especially true if you are wearing muddy boots.

Get Rid Of Dirt and Mud

This is important to ensure that your boots are not soiled by dirt or mud. This will prevent any discoloration. These marks can be removed using a soft brush or a dry towel.

Take out the Laces

Make sure you take off your Ugg’s laces before doing anything. You put your boots at risk of discoloration if you dry them with laces.


These methods have been shown to dry Ugg boots efficiently without causing damage. Please follow these instructions.

Use Rolled Towels

Dry Wet Uggs Without Ruining Them

Use white towels, not dark-colored ones. The dye can transfer to your boots, so it is better to use them instead. Newspapers are a good option, although they can transfer ink to other shoes.

You can use this method to roll your white towels and stuff them into each boot. Once they have been filled, please place them in the shoes and wrap the exterior with the same towel. This is important to ensure that your boot stays in good condition.


  • Air Dry Them

After you have finished cleaning your boots, you can let them dry. Depending on the environment, you can let your shoes dry for at least an overnight. Your shoes should not be exposed to direct sunlight as they can cause damage.

If your shoes are left in direct sunlight, they may shrink, crack, or become discolored. It is tempting to dry your boots with artificial heat. Hair dryers can also cause damage to the material.

  • Use Tea Towels or Butcher Paper

Dry your boots after cleaning them; use tea towels or butcher paper to dry them. You can dry your shoes by placing two large pieces of butcher paper on each side and three on the back. These are better options than newspapers to dry your Ugg. Newspapers can bleed ink and cause damage to the Ugg’s interior.

  • Utilize Fans

You can’t use hair dryers because extreme heat can cause damage to Ugg’s exterior. To speed up drying, you can use a fan. A fan can be used as an alternative to using household items. Take a wire coat hanger, and make an “S” shape with it.

This will allow you to hang your boot in front of the fan while it dries. A towel can be placed underneath to absorb any water that might drip or spray from the fan.



Ugg boots combine style and function to offer maximum comfort. There are many styles and uses that can be used. It is your responsibility to care for them properly.

Ugg boots are like all other footwear and need to be washed. You can use the above steps to keep your Ugg boots dry. Keep these guidelines in mind.


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