How To Stop Tennis Shoes From Squeaking? Causes & 9 Solutions

How To Stop Tennis Shoes From Squeaking?

Being the person constantly making noise with your sneakers as you walk around or play sports may be the worst experience.

Your shoes may creak around and make other people uncomfortable with every step, causing you to be self-conscious about yourself.

How to stop tennis shoes from squeaking? Luckily, various solutions can help assist you in getting rid of creaky sneakers rather than throwing them away.

Because all ways are simple, the best course of action is to experiment with different methods and discover the most effective one for your footwear.

Let’s scroll down this article to get into details!

Why Do Your Tennis Shoes Squeak?

Tennis shoes squeak for various reasons based on their style, age, kind of flooring, and degree of wear. Here is a list of the causes of shoe squeaks.

#1. New Tennis Sneakers

Tennis shoes often make a squeaking noise when you first wear them since their insoles rub against the interior.

This issue may happen more frequently for sneakers with leather uppers due to the rubbing between the surfaces.

How To Stop Tennis Shoes From Squeaking? Causes & 9 Solutions

#2. Trapped Moisture And Air

Due to trapped moisture or air under the insole, some portions of your tennis sneakers may squeak after you play sports.

A tiny pocket ejects the trapped air, which causes the noise. And the moisture makes the situation worse. Typically, it occurs at the arch while wearing detachable insoles.

You may find it difficult to control your tennis sneakers effectively if they get wet. At that point, it might seem a little weird.

#3. Rubber Soles

Smooth surfaces often cause tennis shoes to squeak more frequently, such as tiles, rubberized flooring, or linoleum.

You may notice friction between the floor and your footwear when lifting your foot.

#4. Water Damage

Almost every component of a shoe has some potential for water absorption.

Water can amplify the sound of components rubbing against one another and increase the squeaking of bottoms on hard surfaces.

#5. Wear And Tear

An old pair of sneakers may squeak. The main culprits include parts falling loose or components rubbing against one another.

When the shoe soles become loose or interior material components rub against each other; creaking may appear.

#6. Overuse

If you often play tennis for a long time, your sneakers may start to show squeaking noises.

Your footwear and the ball must move around more often than usual, creating friction and noise.

#7. Improper Maintenance

If you don’t maintain and care for your footwear correctly, cracked, dry, and sharpened edges may appear on the sole, causing danger while walking around.

Besides making noise, these conditions create favorable environments for fungus to grow and cause pain in your foot while walking or playing sports.

#8. Poor Quality Material

Some manufacturers use cheap materials such as rubber from old oil drums to produce low-grade tennis sneakers.

As a result, the parts rub against each other and cause a squeaking noise whenever you step.

How To Stop Tennis Shoes From Squeaking?

After knowing the exact culprits of noise, let’s consider and try the following tricks to stop shoes from squeaking!

#1. Use Dryer

Your tennis sneakers start to squeak because of trapped water and moisture.

If it’s the case, the best solution is to dry them out as fast as possible. You can dry them naturally, but a dryer will speed up the process.

It’s a good idea to add a little fabric softener before placing your tennis sneakers in a washcloth or sponge.

Your shoes don’t require a lot of dryer activity; anything under ten minutes should be sufficient.

You risk your footwear shrinking or suffering irreversible heat damage if you leave it on for long periods.

Be careful when using the dryer since knowing what materials can be safe in this machine is essential.

If your tennis shoes are new and expensive, save this solution for the last. Scroll down to learn other relatively safer options.

#2. Use Baby Powder

Irritating moisture stays inside, where some parts of your shoes rub against each other.

To absorb moistness, the solution is to remove the insoles and sprinkle a little talcum powder or baby powder under them.

Baby powder is available in most houses. Thus, it’s a simple and convenient way to remove squeaking noise from your shoes.

Furthermore, it’s a safe method. Even when it is not practical, it won’t cause any potential damage to your footwear.

If your tennis sneakers don’t come with removable soles, it’s better to sprinkle baby powder around the insole inside.

#3. Soften The Soles

If your tennis shoes are brand new, they also cause creaking noise. You should break them down slightly to reduce friction between the bottoms and the floor if that’s the case.

Without a doubt, you may not want your sneakers to wear down the soles, which lessens their longevity.

Therefore, remember to soften the soles carefully and gently. It’s acceptable to use rough materials like sandpaper to smooth the bottoms of your shoes.

You can quickly get sandpaper at any hardware store in your region or buy it on online e-commerce websites.

Additionally, it’s best to select fine sandpaper of 120-220 grit. Anything above this range may leave scratches on your shoe surface and damage it.

#4. Rub With Dryer Sheets

You can use dryer sheets to separate the insoles from the shoe bottom where the noise comes off.

This way may be unconventional. Also, it’s unsuitable for athletes since it may cause slight slippage.

However, other people will find that dryer sheets effectively and permanently stop shoes from squeaking.

If your sneakers creak again, it’s advisable to check these dryer sheets to detect any holes forming.

#5. Use Saddle Soap

A squeaking noise may come from shoelaces. The sneakers may creak when you walk if the laces rub against other parts like the tongue.

Add a little saddle soap to the footwear tongue and rub it around. This way, you can moisturize this area and make the noise fade away.

#6. Use WD-40

Because WD-40 is made to eliminate adhesive residue and push out moisture, you may liberally apply it to the interior of your sneakers.

However, don’t spray this product on the sock insoles. Removing these parts first is better because you must only treat the regions underneath them.

After spraying both sneakers, shake them around to spread the liquid properly.

After carefully spraying WD-40, it’s also best to let your footwear dry for around 48 hours before wearing it again.

Your sneakers shouldn’t make an irritating squeaking noise anymore after the spray has done its job and removed the stick components.

You may have to reapply WD 40 to your tennis shoes after one or two months, but the squeaking noise often disappears after you use this product for the first time.

#7. Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly-also called Vaseline-is worthwhile for you if you have previously heard squeaking from your shoes and can’t find a practical solution.

Putting a tiny bit of petroleum jelly below the insoles is among the most straightforward fixes for squeaky problems.

It will ensure that the components do not unexpectedly rub against one another.

There is a noticeable improvement in the smoothness of all parts, and it could be a long-term solution.

However, remember to use only a little petroleum jelly. Excessive application on your shoes may make them squish and become uncomfortable to step on.

#8. Wear Your Tennis Shoes Properly

You may be wearing your shoes improperly if you find that almost every pair you possess makes a squeaking noise.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the shoes you choose suit your feet well.

If the sneakers are too big, your feet may sway sideways, producing that squeaky sound.

Moreover, ensure you tie the shoelaces properly. The shoe tongue should not be loose or too tight, so your feet will be comfortable.

#9. Hire Cobblers

The last method is to seek help from professionals or cobblers. They will know exactly what happens to your tennis shoes.

Although the cost of this repair is relatively high, it’s a beneficial and long-term solution.

How To Prevent Tennis Shoes From Squeaking?

If you need more tips to prevent your tennis sneakers from causing the squeaky sound, let’s check out these recommendations!

Fix Water Damage

Water damage is among the primary reasons for the insole of your tennis shoe squeaking.

You’ll need to remove the water from your footwear in this situation. Consider the following suggestions to fix this issue:

Dry Your Sneakers Naturally

Let your footwear air dry naturally; it is the simplest solution. Remove the shoe’s removable components, like the sole, to speed up the drying process.

Reverse your sneakers, so the sole faces up, and lean them against the wall for many hours.

Avoid placing them straight up against any heat source if you don’t want to harm them.

If you’ve got sufficient time and your footwear has recently become wet, you should let it air dry.

Use A Fan

What more straightforward method to speed things up than giving your sneakers fresh air? Ensure that your house has a fan and turn it on high.

The next step is to use it for 20 – 30 minutes to focus on the interior of your sneakers.

To make things simpler for you, hang your footwear straight on this fan to fully utilize the force of the air.

Make sure your fingers and the shoelaces don’t get in the way of the propellers.

Aspirate The Trapped Water

There is a way to dry the footwear if the above methods don’t work for you using materials that absorb water.

You can use baby powder to aspirate moisture while creating a pleasant smell for your sneakers.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to use newspaper balls to stuff your tennis shoes, which absorb excess water and prevent squeaks.

Waterproof Your Footwear

Prevention is better than cure! You should use waterproofing products to prevent water from entering your sneakers after you purchase them.

It’s easy to get waterproofing sprays or water-repellant products at sports outlets in your local region.

An extra benefit of these materials is that they can prevent your tennis sneakers from becoming dirty, besides keeping them dry.

Fix An Old Pair Of Squeaky Tennis Shoes

Nothing will last forever, and tennis shoes are not exceptional. After using them for a specific time, they will wear and tear, which causes the squeaks.

New pairs of shoes may require shoe glue and repairs to return the working order. Luckily, this product is affordable and durable if appropriately applied.

Check the heels and soles of your squeaking tennis sneakers to see whether there is a gap between them. These spots may need a little shoe glue.

Since shoe glue won’t set immediately, you can scrape off any excess to provide a polished appearance.

Keep everything as tight as possible to ensure thorough drying and proper operation.

Invest In New Tennis Shoes

If you try all the suggested methods to stop your tennis footwear from squeaking, but they don’t work, it’s best to throw away this old pair and invest in a new one.

Final Thoughts

This article has eventually reached the bottom of your headache question: How to stop tennis shoes from squeaking?

This task is not as complicated as you might think. After knowing the root causes, you can use baby powder, saddle soap, WD 40, and petroleum jelly to stop the squeaks.

Moreover, try to dry your footwear to get rid of water damage. If all don’t work, consult with cobblers or purchase a new pair.

Please comment below to share with us if you know other methods to fix this problem. Thanks for taking the time to follow this post!

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