Practical Tips on How to Stop Shoes Rubbing My Little Toe? 

How to Stop Shoes Rubbing My Little Toe?

Talking about shoes rubbing my little foot means the boots are not fitting your feet properly. Shoes that are too tight can cause blisters on your feet and toes. A blister can cause discomfort and affect your mobility.

How to Stop Shoes Rubbing

If this is the case, don’t worry. This is normal, and you are in the right place. Continue reading! You’ll find the best ways to stop your shoes from rubbing your little toes.


A shoe that fits perfectly is suitable for your little toe and allows you to feel the comfort of your shoes. Shoes that fit correctly don’t rub against your small toe. Your little toe can be moved all day comfortably without any friction. These tips will help you achieve the best fit possible.

  • Always measure your feet before you buy a shoe. It would be best if you never bought a shoe without knowing how it will fit.
  • Shoes with a larger toe box should be purchased. Toe boxes are the area of the shoe that surrounds the toes. Shoes with a larger toe box will not rub against your small toe.


Blister plasters are another way to stop shoes from rubbing your little foot. Blister plasters protect your little toe from further injury. They can be purchased at your local chemist or health center.

Blister cushions, on the other hand, can be fitted to your toes as a second layer of skin. These cushions provide comfort and cushioning for your toes.


Friction is one of the leading causes of small toe blisters. These hacks can reduce variance in your shoes before you take any other steps.

Use Blister Plasters and Cushions

  • Use toe protectors. These protectors protect your toes and prevent friction.
  • Wear socks as a standard practice. Socks are an excellent choice to protect your tiny toes from being rubbed by the shoe. They reduce friction between the feet and your shoes.


Stretching your shoes can help you be more comfortable and less irritated. This is an economical and effective way to save money that will help you immediately.

Even if your shoes are small, trying them will save you the hassle of buying another pair. The following hacks can help stretch your shoe if your toe is not rubbed, but you have the correct shoe size.

Reduce Friction in Your Shoes

  • Wear thick socks and avoid shoes that rub your toes. This will allow your shoes to move quickly.
  • Steam your toes by rubbing the steamer on the front of your shoes. Steam works like magic. The haze will instantly stretch your shoes. This method is not for everyone.
  • Ice can be placed in a bag. Ice is helpful because it allows your shoes to expand or contract.
  • Your shoes can be stretched by being worn around your compound for a brief time. They will become more comfortable if you wear them for shorter periods. They will rub your little toe if you wear them for too long.


Moleskin paddling roles, if used frequently, can protect your little toe from being rubbed. Apply it to your toe to prevent friction when running and walking. It will not cause any irritation to your toes.

To prevent friction, apply the moleskin to the area where your little toes are rubbed. No matter what type of footwear you wear, the moleskin conforms to your foot easily.


Your little toe can be protected by oiling your shoes. Oiling your shoes makes them softer and less abrasive. This creates a calm environment for your little toe. Massage oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and neatsfoot oil can be applied to the areas causing pain in your small toe.


You should check the tightness and fit of your shoelaces if your shoes are rubbing against your little toe. Shoes can rub your toes if they are too loose.

Loose footwear can cause your feet to wobble when you move. Your little toe will be disturbed and disoriented by the constant wobbling. Your small toe can become rubbed constantly, resulting in blisters.

These are the things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure the laces are tight when you’re putting on shoes. This will prevent your little toes from getting rubbed.
  • You might consider buying shoes that have many lacing holes.
  • You can adjust the tightness of your lacing by using a variety.
  • Make sure your laces don’t stretch too much


Tighten Your Shoes

These tips help you avoid having your shoes pinch your small toe.

  • The anti-friction sticks will reduce friction on your small toe. These are similar to deodorant and have the primary purpose of creating friction between your skin, shoes, and the environment. The anti-friction stick should be applied to the area that surrounds your toes. Only use it to the extent that it rubs your small toe.
  • Powder stops sweating from your shoes. Most commonly, sweat is what causes friction in your shoes, rubbing your little toes. The powder absorbs sweat and blocks it from creating conflict in your shoes.


One of these methods can be used to prevent your shoes from rubbing your little toe. These methods are easy to use at home and cost-effective. If you try one or two of these methods, you will quickly solve the small toe-rubbing problem.


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