How To fix slippery basketball shoes [5 Amazing Steps]

How To fix slippery basketball shoes?

Expert basketball players are known for their ability to jump out of nowhere and use sharp foot movements to raise the audience’s excitement. To make a name for themselves, basketball players must have great shoes.

Basketball shoes are prone to losing traction and slippage due to the high energy and movement involved in this game.

If you’re also curious about how to fix your basketball shoes, so they don’t slip every game, here are the top tips to help you, as a player, and your shoes last longer.


It is essential to keep things clean so they age well. Basketball shoes are no exception to this rule. You keep your shoes clean and free of dirt, dust, and debris.

It would be best if you cleaned your shoes with water after each game and wore them with a damp cloth every time. This will help preserve the shoe’s traction on the ground.

How to fix slippery basketball shoes

If the sole of your shoe has tiny stones embedded in it, you may be able to use pointed equipment to remove them. However, make sure that you are familiar with how to do this.

This will help to remove any extra material from the sole and sides of your shoes, thereby preserving the original grip. You could inflict injury on yourself if you do not.


Grip enhancers/gels/lotions/sprays are often used to improve the basketball shoes’ grip. They don’t last long but can be helpful if you have slipping shoes or need extra grip.

Grip enhancers stick to the sole of your shoes, reducing the chance of you slipping when walking or playing. They can also be used to aid in emergencies.


best shoes for basketball

To reduce dust and clean the floor, basketball players must step on some mats before entering the court. They are sticky mats.

The sticky mats remove the dirt from the soles of shoes to allow players to enjoy their game without worrying.

If you don’t have the money to purchase new shoes immediately, try stepping on sticky mats before your game. It’s possible.


Basketball shoes are designed to be worn on hardwood floors where professional basketball is played. Your boots will slip more easily if worn on any flooring other than hardwood.

Basketball shoes should not be worn on any surfaces other than hardwood. Every game has its rules. To play well, you must adhere to these rules.


Footing on sticky mats

Basketball shoes are like nothing else. It is only a pair of shoes. If you feel your current basketball shoes are not worth the effort, you might consider throwing them out.

If you find this difficult, at least get it fixed with new soles from a reputable service center or a wise cobbler who can understand your needs and desires. Only then will it work.


The wearing and tearing of equipment are part of any game. In this case, the basketball shoes. Your shoes can slip, and you cannot stop playing.

Instead of relying on the tips mentioned above to fix slippery basketball shoes, you can try them all. Please let us know if you feel there are more ways to make your boots slip. We’d be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Play as if there is nothing better. No one can catch up to you. However, make sure that your shoes support and do not slip.

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