How to Fix Fallen Arches – Flat Feet Exercises

How to Fix Fallen Arches?

Flat feet can also be called fallen or collapsed arches. Flat feet are also known as fallen arches or flat feet. Flat feet can cause your soles to touch the ground when you stand or walk.

exercise for flat feet and fallen arches

Fallen arches, or flat feet, are a common form of foot problem. This condition can be caused by genetics, but others may develop it from other causes. This condition affects approximately 30% of the world’s population.

Flat feet are standard in 1/10 people. Another scenario is where your feet are flat. The other is normal. Many doctors have seen this type of footfall arch in patients.

Flat-footed people are likelier to choose the best motion-control shoes for their feet.


Flat Feet Symptoms

Many things can cause flat feet, but the root cause is the same. If you look at adult feet, there will be a slight curve in their center. This arch absorbs shock when you walk.

Pay attention to the tendons. These are the bands that attach the heels to the feet bones. Many tendons connect to create arches. Your foot will have a moderate angle if these tendons are pulled to their maximum capacity.

If they don’t pull correctly, there is often little to no arch—the formation causes flat feet to angle through the tendons.

Using the following tips, you can determine if your feet are flat.

  • Get your feet wet
  • You can choose to stand in the area where footprints are visible. You have the option to stand on the concrete walkway.
  • Next, step aside and examine the footprint. If those are visible to your eyes, then you have flat feet.

Injuries, accidents, or arthritis commonly cause flat feet and fallen arches. In some cases, this could also be due to genetics, aging, and pregnancy. This is why you must look for the best motion-control walking shoe for flat feet.

Most women who run during pregnancy purchase the best running shoes for their arch support.


flat feet disadvantage

Flat feet are often thought to be bad for you. Flat feet are not well-known to many people.

Flat feet have an excellent grip when it comes to athletic performance. Flat feet athletes are more active in the running than those with an arch gap.

Flat-footed runners can run faster than anyone with average arch distance using the best motion-control shoes.


Flat feet have many disadvantages. Your feet are the most critical part of your body, and your feet support the weight of your entire body.

Your feet have another critical function: shock absorption. This happens when you run or walk. One step equals 150 percent of your body weight. This is done one footstep at a time. The standard arch absorbs the shock. However, it is not the same for flat feet.

Flat foot disadvantages

Running or walking is difficult because there isn’t enough space or lowering. This can cause severe arch pain, often seen in clinics of specialists. It is also known as plantar fasciitis.

Flat feet can’t be worn with flat shoes. Flat-footed people should wear motion-control walking shoes with a slight heel.

This is also true when you buy the best running shoes for women. They have an essential but minimal heel to keep the gap.


how to fix fallen arches

Many have flat feet because of an accident, injury, pregnancy, or obesity.

The physiotherapist will refer you to a few treatments for fallen arches. The physiotherapist will refer you to a few treatments if your fallen arch doesn’t hurt.

If your foot is starting to hurt, you can try the following:

  • Ice can be used to relieve pain in the feet
  • Try physiotherapy
  • Try the exercises for fallen arches
  • Shoes that provide support for the fallen arches can be worn as well.
  • For flat feet, try strengthening your turn with exercises


Walking with flat feet can be painful. Flat feet can be caused by aging, pregnancy, or any other accident.

Your feet are an essential part of your entire body. It’s not necessary to ignore your feet’ pain. You can seek out relief by visiting your physiotherapist. They will recommend the best motion-control shoes for flat feet.

These supportive and well-fitted shoes will assist you in relieving pain.


flat feet excersies

There are many options if you are looking for exercises to help flat feet or fallen arches.


  • Keep your back straight and rest your hand on the wall, chair, or shoulder.
  • One leg must be behind you; the other should be extended in front.
  • Press your heels down on the floor.
  • Keep your spine straight and bend your front leg. Then push yourself against the wall or support.
  • You will feel a stretch in your legs, back, and Achilles tendon.
  • It should be held for 30 seconds; then, you can shift.
  • This can be repeated four times per leg.


how to fix fallen arches

  • Place a tennis ball under the right foot of your left foot on a chair.
  • Keep your spine straight.
  • Roll the ball with your foot.
  • Do the same for both feet.

Arch strengthening exercises to flat feet

Follow the steps below to strengthen your arches.


  • Place your feet on the ground so that your feet are buried.
  • Always ensure your toes touch and feel the floor.
  • Roll your weight to the outside edges when you raise your arch as high as possible.
  • Next, let your feet relax.
  • You will be able to train your feet and muscles this way
  • You can do up to five sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.


exercises for flat feet

You will notice a significant difference in your feet if you do the exercises for flat feet and fallen arches again. Your feet will feel more relaxed, and any pain will disappear.

It is essential to improve your daily walking. You should first get certified best running shoes for women or men if you’re a runner.

These exercises should be performed with straight angles, as described above. This will ensure that you get the best results by putting in the effort and being motivated.

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