How to Clean Timberland Boots with Vinegar? Best Guide 2023

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Vinegar?

Timberland boots are famous for everyday footwear due to their style, comfort, and protection. It can be difficult to clean such footwear, especially if it is being worn outdoors.

You may now be curious about how to clean Timberland Boots with vinegar. There are other options, such as vinegar and professional cleaners. Please continue reading to learn how it is done.

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Vinegar



You may want to clean your boots quickly, but there are steps to take before cleaning. The preparation won’t take too long, so don’t be discouraged.

Step 1

Use a brush to clean your boots’ surface of dirt and mud. When dusting your shoes, don’t forget the bottom. This ensures that you’re not removing stains with a simple wipe.

Step 2

Cleaning difficult-to-reach places of your boots are more accessible by removing the laces first. After you have done this, you can remove the laces. After removing the laces, wash them in warm water with soap. Then rinse them with warm water and soap. Dry them by hanging them. You can use professional leather conditioners or vinegar and linseed oils to make your own. Remove cleaning your boots; it is typical for them to smell the vinegar. The vinegar smell will disappear after a few days, so don’t be alarmed. It is best to clean Timberland boots on weekends and when you are not using them. It would be best if you also took care of your shoes after cleaning.


This is the most popular and easiest method to clean boots with white vinegar. The vinegar solution can be used to remove stubborn stains or light dirt. You will learn how to make it below.

White Vinegar & Water

Items Required

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Cotton cloth
  • Brush with a soft bristle or toothbrush
  • Measure spoon and measure cup
  • Mixing bowl/container

Cleaning Process

To clean Timberland boots, you can use the simple and quick steps below:

Mix one-half teaspoon of white vinegar in a container or mixing bowl.

Add one cup of water to the white wine vinegar.

Once you have the vinegar solution, dip the cotton cloth. Let the mixture sit for at least a minute.

After the fabric absorbs enough of the mix, you can rub the material onto your boots.

Before drying the boots, focus on the areas that have more stains. Your shoes should be kept in a well-ventilated area, not near direct sunlight or heat. Allow it to dry naturally. This is necessary to prevent permanent damage to your boots.

Use a soft, bristle toothbrush or a soft brush to rub the boots’ surface after they have dried gently.


This is a great way to eliminate greasy stains from your boots. You can also easily see what you need at home. You can clean your shoes with baby wipes, bread slices, and talcum powder.

Items Required

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Baby wipes
  • Talcum powder
  • Slices of bread
  • Cotton cloth
  • Measure spoon and measure cup
  • Mixer bowl or container

Cleaning Process

These are the products that can be used to clean Timberland boots:

Use the baby wipes to rub your boots’ surfaces gently.

Grab a piece of bread and scrub the area gently with it. Continue to rub the bread slices onto the stains for several minutes. Use baby wipes to clean the stain.

Apply the talcum powder to the areas that have stubborn stains. Also, you can apply talcum powder to the boots’ surface with visible scratches.

Allow the talcum powder to sit on your boots for at least three (3) hours. Leave it on for at least three (3) hours for best results.

Let your boots cool down, then add one (1) tablespoon of white wine to one (1) cup of water in a bowl or container.

After soaking the cotton cloth in the mixture, rub it on your boots.

Allow your boots to dry for at least two hours. As with the previous method, don’t place your shoes in direct sunlight or near a heater.


This can be used if your boots are soiled or have tough dirt. This should not be used as a last resort. Don’t use this method if you haven’t tried all possible cleaning options.

Pure Vinegar

Items Required

  • Pure vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • Suede brush
  • Measure spoon
  • Container, cup, or bowl

Cleaning Process

Here are some cleaning tips for Timberland boots.

Place one (1) tablespoon of pure vinegar in the cup, bowl, and container.

For at least one (1) minute, soak a toothbrush clean and dry in the vinegar.

Use your toothbrush to gently but firmly scrub the boots’ surfaces. For two (2) more minutes, continue doing this.

Allow your boots to dry naturally for a few moments.

After the stain has dried, you can use your suede brush for any remaining colors.


Many Timberland boot owners use vinegar to clean their boots for various reasons. Vinegar is a great household cleaner because it doesn’t damage different surfaces such as fabrics and leather. It is also easy to find and use vinegar. You only need to check your cabinets and buy one from a nearby store. It’s easy to clean.

Vinegar is also economical. Vinegar is economical, even though it costs less than other shoe-cleaning products. However, you can still get the desired results. You can use the above procedures to restore your Timberland boots to their original condition.


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