How To Clean Slides Shoes? Best Methods You Wish To Know Sooner

Slides are easier to use, clean, and maintain than sneakers and casual shoes. However, if you don’t know the right way to treat your footwear, you will end up ruining your stylish slides.

Learning how to clean slides shoes is simple. Once you pick up the right tools, your footwear can keep its peak condition for a long time.

Today, we will share some fantastic tips that will help you treat your slides properly. Let’s follow us to pull it off!

How To Clean Slides Shoes?

You can easily clean your slides using basic household ingredients. But first, check the material because each requires a specific cleaning method.

We will divide slides into two categories based on their material: leather and fabric. You can clean leather slides the same way as suede ones.

Meanwhile, the fabric group includes fabric, plastic, rubber, and foam slides.

Leather slides

Leather is famous for its glossy and smooth surface. We recommend using only a little water to clean it because moisture impacts the leather’s texture and color.

To clean your leather and suede slides, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Remove dried stains

Caked mud and other dry stains are quick to treat. You need white vinegar to handle this task.

Soak a clean cloth in vinegar and pat it on the stained area for five minutes. Then, use a dry towel to dry the treated section.

  • Step 2: Deal with a liquid spill.

If you accidentally spill coffee or juice on your slides, pat the spills to dry with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

Next, add some powder to the affected area. It can be cornstarch, talcum powder, or baby powder.

Smooth the powder to form a layer over the stain, and let your shoe rest overnight.

In the morning, wipe off the powder on your shoe. You won’t see any sign of juice and coffee there.

  • Step 3: Apply polish

The two methods above can’t remove stubborn stains, such as scruff stains.

If this is your case, buy shoe polish that is safe for suede and leather to apply on those marks.

There are many types of polish solutions on the market. Remember to obey the package directions when applying them to your shoe for the best result.

  • Step 4: Apply sealant

You have cleaned your leather or suede slides. Yet, it’s always better to prevent them from getting dirty.

One of the most effective ways to avoid cleaning slides is to spray sealant over the shoes. You just need a light layer of sealant.

Please do not buy the sealant and use it once. Instead, make it a habit to spray your slides every few months. And always follow the product’s guidelines anytime you apply them.

How To Clean Slides Shoes? Best Methods You Wish To Know Sooner

Fabric slides

Fabric, foam, plastic, and rubber slides don’t require gentle cleaning. You can also use water to wash your footwear.

You need baking soda for this cleaning task. The powder has tons of benefits, such as removing stains, killing bacteria, and eliminating unpleasant odors.

The detailed instructions for cleaning slides using baking are as follows:

  • Step 1: Remove dirt

Before washing your slides, ensure they are clear of any loose dirt and mud to prevent them from spreading and leaving stains.

To remove any leftover dirt, run them under water in your utility sink. Then, use paper towels to wipe the filthy water off the slides swiftly.

You can use a hose to replace the utility sink in your garden or bathroom. If you use a kitchen or bathroom sink, you should clean them when you’re done.

  • Step 2: Scrub the fabric

You can make your stain-moving detergent by mixing baking soda and laundry detergent in a 1-1.5 ratio.

Dip a brush into the detergent and scrub it on the dirty parts of your slides. Try to work every nook and cranny on the surface.

Allow the detergent to rest on your slides for about ten minutes. The baking soda will pull off the stains, recovering your slides’ look.

After ten minutes, rinse the mixture off your slides with warm water. Ensure to remove all the detergent.

  • Step 3: Wash the slides again

You can stop washing your slides at step 2. But if you want, you can still wash them again in warm water with some dish or laundry detergent and a cloth.

  • Step 4: Dry the slides

Dry your slides with a clean towel, and you can put them on. Avoid leaving them in the sun because intense sunlight will fade their color.

How To Spot Clean Slides?

If your slides are not too dirty, you don’t have to wash them thoroughly. Instead, you can spot-clean them to get rid of the stains. There are three things you can use for this purpose.

  • Magic cleaning sponge

With a magic cleaning sponge, you can handle scuffs on walls, floors, and some other surfaces. Fortunately, they share that quality with slides.

Magic cleaning sponges are compatible with various surfaces and stains. Even grass stains, which are among the most stubborn stains, will disappear after some treatment.

To restore the brightness of your shoes, dampen a tiny section of the sponge and rub it on the stained areas.

Be careful if you intend to use the sponge on your suede or leather shoes. It would be best to test on inconspicuous parts first.

3. Magic cleaning sponge (Link)

  • White art eraser

The white eraser you use for pencils can also clean stains on slides, especially white ones. You can easily find the eraser at an office supply or local craft store.

To spot clean the stains, rub the white eraser and erase them as you often do with your pencil drawings. Then, wipe off the shavings.

The white eraser is lightweight and tiny. Hence, consider carrying one with you so you can quickly clean your slides at any time.

Take extra caution if you use the eraser to spot-clean your suede or leather shoes. Again, rub on concealed parts first to test how it works on the material.

  • Stain pen

A stain pen can remove stains on your slides. So as soon as you spot them, use the pen to brush them.

Please note that the sooner you clean your shoes, the easier the stains loosen.

After that, when you return home, wash your entire shoe by scrubbing it with a cloth soaked in laundry detergent, cleaning the shoe, and then rewashing it in warm water.

Before attempting to clean suede and leather using the pen, read the instructions on the package carefully.

How to Remove Odor From Slides?

If the stinky smell from the slides annoys you, it will be perfect to use vinegar to get rid of it. Vinegar definitely works at eliminating odors and killing bacteria in your shoes. Here is what you should do:

  • To make the solution, mix water, and white vinegar in a 3-1 ratio.
  • Then, pour the mixture into a sprayer and spray inside your slides.
  • Allow them to dry completely before putting them on.

Remember to apply the solution regularly, especially if you walk in your slides often. Also, do not let moisture accumulate inside.

Baking soda is another great solution to consider; it is incredibly efficient in eliminating odors.

If you detect any odd smells, just sprinkle baking soda on your slides and leave them overnight. This video will show you how to do it:

You can make preventative efforts to make sure that your shoes can remain as smell-free as possible when you can’t completely stop those annoying odors.

For example, never wear slides when your feet are still wet since dampness might cause bacteria to develop. Please note that bacterial growth is the main reason for shoe odor.

You might also try leaving your footwear out in the sun, as UV radiation hinders the development of some bacteria and fungi.

Besides, allow your slides some time to breathe. If you wear them for hours, your sweat will linger on the fabric, leaving odor there. Bacteria also find this environment ideal for growing.

How To Clean Adidas Slides?

Adidas slides are rubber pool shoes with an open toe. If you like to wear them, try to clean them at least once every month.

It may sound so frequent to deep clean your slides every month. But things make sense after considering the dust and dirt gathered in your precious footwear after miles of walks.

If you want to clean your Adidas slides, please take these steps:

  • Rinse your slides to remove mud and dirt. You can use a faucet or any adjustable water flow for this step.
  • Mix baking soda and laundry detergent in a 1:1.5 ratio. It’s better to use stain-removing detergent instead of a scented one because it irritates your skin.
  • Apply the mixture to your Adidas slides.
  • Gently scrub it into the surface using a brush. Rub in circles and access every corner of your slides.
  • Let the solution rest on your slides for about 15 minutes. It will lift the dirt out of the surface, while the baking soda whitens the material in particular.
  • Rinse your shoes under flowing water. Ensure to remove all substances you have poured on them.
  • If your skin is sensitive or you are unsure if you have eliminated all the substances, we advise rewashing your slides with water, dish soap, and a cloth.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry your slides thoroughly to wipe off any leftover dirt and dust ultimately.

How To Clean Nike Slides?

You can perform the steps of cleaning Adidas slides to clean your Nike slides because they have the same quality. The detailed guidelines would be:

  • Get your slides wet by running them under warm water. The underside and footbed should be wet too.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the surface to form a white coating.
  • Use the toothbrush to brush the slides in circular motions. If the baking soda isn’t forming a thin paste, keep cleaning by dipping your brush into warm water.
  • Give it five minutes or so to sit. The baking soda will have time to eliminate any odor and stains in the shoes.
  • Rinse your slides under running water again to get rid of the powder.
  • Your slides should air dry. You can clean the shoes with a soft cloth if there is any residual debris.

Yet, your Bike slides can be made of leather. If so, to clean them, you need to:

  • Remove any debris or dried dirt from the slides.
  • Dip a soft cloth in a mixture of water and mild detergent. Avoid using too much soap and water; our goal is to add enough solutions to clean your shoes.
  • Scrub your slides in circular motions until they look clean.
  • Scrub your slides again, but this time you just use water without soap.
  • Apply leather conditioner to give your Nike slides a glossy appearance.


1. How do I get my slides white again?

Based on their material, you can choose the best method to whiten your dirty slides. For example, consider a magic eraser and vinegar if you have leather slides. And if you want to clean canvas shoes, hydrogen peroxide can work.

Generally, baking soda will work on many different surfaces. You can mix the powder with hydrogen peroxide or laundry detergent. Then, apply the mixture to your shoes, wait about ten minutes, and wipe off the powder.

Bleaching is also a suitable method. However, the intense effect will damage delicate materials like suede and leather.

2. Do white slides get dirty?

Yes. Dirt, debris, and mud on the roads you take will stick to your footwear. The stains are even more noticeable if you have white shoes.

3. Can I bleach white sliders?

Yes, you can, but it will not be a gentle treatment for your shoes. So only use it when the surface is too dirty, and other methods fail.

Household bleach is not toxic or corrosive, but bleach exposure may irritate your skin, eyes, lungs, and even mouth.

Here is how to clean your shoes with bleach:

  • Prepare an open area to carry out this project.
  • Mix water and bleach in a 5:1 ratio.
  • Dip a brush in the solution and scrub your footwear gently.
  • Rinse the shoe with warm water.
  • Allow your shoe to air dry for several hours.

4. Can I put slides in the washing machine?

Yes, if you have plastic or rubber slides. Other materials, such as leather and suede, are too delicate to bear the pressure of the washing machine.

To begin, set your washing machine in delicate washing mode. Then, add detergent and cold water to clean your slides. Before the cycle starts, add some white vinegar to help remove the smell from your shoes.

Although your washing machine can handle rubber and plastic slides, ensure they don’t have jewels or beads. Otherwise, you will lose all the decorations.

5. How do I clean foam slides?

There are several ways to wash foam slides. The simplest guides are as follows:

  • To remove the dirt from the upper level of the slides, you must first wash them. It’s how you can complete the deep-cleaning task quickly.
  • Create the washing solution by mixing dishwashing soap and water. Then, mix them thoroughly.
  • Spread the mixture all over the surface of your slides.
  • Wait for the mixture to penetrate the fabric and attack the dirt and debris.
  • Use a toothbrush to scrub the whole surface area. Apply more pressure for the dirt to loosen and come out.
  • Wash your shoes again with plain water after ensuring the dirt has vanished.
  • Let your slides air dry, and they are ready to use.

6. Why do my slides smell of vinegar?

It’s not your sweat that smells. Instead, the annoying odor results from sweat being absorbed by bacteria on feet.

If the feet or shoes smell of vinegar, propionibacteria can break your sweat as well as generate propionic acid. This substance is similar to acetic acid, which we often find in vinegar.

The best self-care approaches to reduce or remove smelly shoes are improving your foot hygiene and keeping your feet always dry. Also, ensure that your shoes are clean.

Consult a doctor if you’re afraid that your foot odor is a sign of a severe medical problem, such as thyroid or diabetes.


Before cleaning your slides, check their materials. Then, you will come up with a method to treat them nicely.

Baking soda and vinegar are the essential ingredients used for this task. They give impressive results while costing little for a thorough cleaning treatment.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. If you know any other tips, please share them with us. We are so excited to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!

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