6 Easy Steps on How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet?  

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet

Comfortable shoes that fit well are essential to your feet’ health. Too tight shoes can lead to foot pain, blisters, calluses, and irreversible nerve damage.

People with wide feet are often concerned about the tiny toes of shoes. You may find it challenging to find the correct shoes if you have naturally wide feet or have had your feet grow over time.

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet

Although you may be limited in the options of shoe styles that fit your feet, it is not impossible to fall in love with specific shoes.

It is just right for you but a little too small. Don’t worry! The shoes would look great if they were a little larger. These simple home remedies will allow you to stretch your shoes and achieve the perfect fit.



Put on thick socks and wear your shoes for at least two hours each night for the next week. This is the easiest way to stretch any shoe. Although this is a laborious process, it will allow the material to stretch naturally.

You can make sure the shoes are exactly the size you want. You don’t need thick socks to stretch your boots this way. This works for all types of shoes, including leather, faux leather, and plastic.


A shoe stretcher can stretch leather, faux leather, or canvas shoes. Although expensive, shoe stretchers can try your shoes up to half an inch. They can also save you from constantly wearing your shoes to try them.

It is easy to use shoe stretchers. Place the shoe stretcher in the shoes. Adjust the handle to the desired stretch. Please leave it in the shoes for at least two days to get the best result. This works better in leather shoes paired with a shoe stretching spray.


Blowing dry your shoes is a quick way to get results. Put on thick, padded socks and put on your shoes. Leather shoes can be stretched and expanded by heating them with a blow dryer. The blow dryer should be set to medium or low heat. The nozzle should be placed 6 inches from your shoes. Blot dry the shoes for 20-30 seconds by moving the dryer around. You can pause to prevent scorching and continue blow-drying until the boots are perfect.

Blow Dry The Shoes

It would be best if you moisturize your shoes and apply a leather conditioner afterward. Ou did not expose your leather shoes to heat from the blow dryer for too long. Expending too much heat to leather can dry and crack it. Your shoes will be safe as long as the correct procedure is followed.


This principle can be applied to stretching shoes as the water expands when it freezes. Take a zip lock bag and fill it with water. Then, place the shoes in it. Put the shoes in a plastic bag, wrap them and place them in your freezer. Your boots will expand and contract as the shoe freezes. Let it thaw for 20-30 seconds. It can be taken out of the freezer in the morning.


This works well with leather shoes and is also great for loafers and Oxfords. You must choose the potato best suited for your boots and stretch it.

To remove the sticky moisture, peel the potato. Place the potato in your shoes, and allow it to dry overnight. Your boots will stretch if the sticky substance in the potato sticks to the fibers. Your shoes will also smell less if you use potatoes.


You can spray alcohol on your shoes or any other stiff area. You can stretch your shoes in two ways with rubbing alcohol. You can wear the boots until the alcohol dries. To allow the materials to move more, you can also walk around.

A pair of thick cotton socks can be soaked in alcohol. You can squeeze the alcohol from the socks and then put the socks on. Finally, you can wear the shoes until the alcohol has dried. To get the right size, you can repeat the process.

Apply Rubbing Alcohol

You can also wear wet socks with your shoes if you are uncomfortable. Put several pieces of cloth into the alcohol and place them in your shoes. This will help expand the material. The material will adapt to your feet by being worn in the shoes.


A well-fitted pair of shoes will keep your feet healthy and make you happy and comfortable. You can adjust the fit of your boots by following one of these six home remedies.

Wearing socks with your shoes every night is the most economical way to save money. This ensures that your shoe will fit the shape of your foot. This method is more labor-intensive than others and takes longer.

If you are worried about damaging your shoes by doing it yourself, especially if they are expensive, you can take them to the cobbler. A shoe stretcher, water, and potato can speed up the process. Blowing dry the shoes is also an option.

Professional shoemakers know how to stretch your shoes without damaging them. They are equipped with the necessary tools and materials.


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