5 Tips to Dry Boots in Dryer (Overnight)

How to Dry Boots in Dryer?

Did you ever wear wet boots to work because they wouldn’t dry overnight? Oder, did you go hiking in wet boots? It is a horrible experience. Even more embarrassing is if the shoes have to be taken off at work. You will feel very uncomfortable as the boots will smell.

Dry Boots in Dryer

Wet boots can pose a danger to your feet’s health. You could experience painful blisters or foul-smelling feet. This could lead to blisters and sores on your feet. Wet boots provide a safe environment for bacteria growth and development.

You can dry your boots by putting them in the sun. The shoes will naturally dry quickly when the sun is shining on them. Some situations may require you to wash your shoes in the evenings when there isn’t any sun heat. This is an example if you are in a position where your shoes must be worn daily and only have one pair.

There are many ways to dry your shoes overnight. A dryer is the most effective method. You will need to find other ways to dry the boots before bed. We will show you how to dry your shoes overnight in this article.


Important to remember that not all boots can dry in a machine dryer. To ensure safety, check the label on the shoes before putting them in the dryer. Check the inside of the boot to see the care instructions if it isn’t labeled. This information is usually found on the inside of most boot brands.

It is essential to indicate whether boots can be machine dried clearly. This information may be displayed in symbols from other brands, making it difficult for the average user to understand. If you see an X in a square, don’t put the boots in the machine. A circle inside the court means the shoes can be dried with low heat.



You may be unsure whether to dry your shoes in the dryer or on the floor. We are here to help you, so don’t panic. Boot brands might not label the safety of their boots when drying in dryers. If you’re not sure, check the material of the boot. Certain materials are not affected by heat.

You can dry your boots on the machine if they are made from canvas, cotton, nylon, or polyester. These materials are resistant to warping when heated by the device. You should not dry suede and leather boots in the dryer, as they may crack if overheated.


Now it’s time to dry the boots. You will need to position the shoes, so they are not too far apart. Tie a knot at one end of the laces to secure the boots together. Pass the shoes over the dryer door by holding them by the laces. Hook the boot laces to the hook by hooking it to the door.

Some dryer doors do not have hooks. You can still tie the laces if your dryer door does not have a theme. The laces should be held in place so that the boots hang freely inside the dryer. To prevent shoes from falling in the dryer, make sure the knot is not inside the door. You don’t need to do this if your dryer has a drying rack. Put the boots on the drying rack, and turn on the dryer.


You will need to adjust the heat according to the machine you have. Some devices have a knob that can adapt to different settings depending on what you want to dry. Others don’t have this option. If your device has a knob, make sure you dry it. If your device does not have this setting, you can program it to produce the lowest temperature. You should be aware that excessive heat can shrink the boots or cause them to warp.

Materials safe for machine drying


After you have set the machine dryer to the correct setting, allow the boots to dry. To ensure that they dry properly, check them every hour. Be careful when you open the dryer door to prevent shoes from falling into the dryer. Feel the inside to provide heat that reaches all parts of the boot.

Knot the shoelaces

If your boots seem to dry slowly, you can increase the temperature. Be careful not to overheat the boots. Don’t ever toss a pair of shoes in the dryer. This can cause a loud banging sound that will damage the dryer or the shoes.


Wet boots are not the best choice whether you’re going on a hike or working. Wet boots can make your feet feel uncomfortable and uneasy. To dry your boots completely, you should always use a dryer. With the knowledge in this article, your boots will dry quickly on the dryer.


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