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5 Steps to Keep Leather Boots:

You should be more conscious of your footwear to improve your physical appearance. Your footwear is one of the first things people will notice about you. Because of its durability and flexibility, leather is a popular material for boots.

5 Steps to Keep Leather Boots

Leather boots of high quality are an excellent addition to any outfit in any season. You will never outgrow a high-quality leather boot, even after many years. If you’re not careful about maintaining your leather boots, your footwear will soon become worn.

We’ll be sharing some tips to prevent leather boots from cracking. Let’s first look at why leather boots crack and peel.


You can better care for your leather boots by understanding why they crack, lose color, and develop ugly creases. This section will discuss some of these reasons.

There are many reasons leather boots can crack easily. We have listed them all under these four headings. These are:


These boots are among the most expensive shoes a man could own. Because leather boots are more prone to cracking than other footwear materials, they dry faster when exposed to high heat. They can be damaged if exposed to UV light for too long. Avoid direct sunlight contact with your leather shoes.

Reasons Why Your Leather Boots Cracks


Many people love to store their socks in their boots. It is entirely wrong to do this. Because sweat from your feet can build up in your socks, storing them inside your shoes is a bad idea. Instead of keeping your socks inside your boot, it is better to dry them before washing them.


Leather boots need air to breathe, just like human skin. Your leather boots should not be stored near other footwear. Packing your boots with different footwear, such as running shoes or sneakers, will be a mess. Avoid putting them in plastic bags.

Using Heater to Dry

Although some people prefer to dry their boots with a heater because it is faster, we do not recommend that you do so. 

The heater generates extreme heat that dries the leather and causes the bonding to improve. The leather will become stiff if it is placed near a fireplace.


It isn’t challenging to take good care of your leather boots. Many types of leather can be used to make footwear. However, the care procedures for all types of leather are similar. We will share some secrets that can prevent your high-end boots from cracking.


Every day, your footwear will come in contact with dirt. It is essential to clean your footwear before you polish or wear them. You will need to use mild soap and water to clean your boots. To remove dirt, you can use a quality shine cloth.

Do not soak your boot in water. Instead, dip the towel into the soapy water before wiping. After drying the boot, polish it.


To maintain the shine of your boots, you must always moisten them. Your footwear’s lifespan will be extended if you polish them before and after they are worn.

This will also prevent the color from drying out. For easy maintenance, make sure to purchase quality boot polish.


Leather can be easily damaged by sunlight, rain, heat, and lack of moisture. Regular waterproofing is essential for leather boots. This protects your boot from water, grease, and other liquids that could cause damage.

Many oils have excellent waterproofing capabilities on the market. These oils can be used to repair cracks and rehydrate the material. It is worth looking into. 

Too many oils can cause leather footwear to lose its natural color. During the rainy season, be sure to use water-repellent oils on boots.


Many people overlook drying their boots. The boot smells when the foot sweats. It is best to keep them out of direct sunlight.

However, airing them at least once a week in an area with good air circulation is essential. You can either let the boots dry naturally or invest in a humidifier.


An excellent, dark area with good ventilation is the best place to store your leather boots. Shoe trees are a valuable tool to help you organize your storage and absorb moisture. 

You can also keep your boots in separate cases or purchase a shoe tree to make them easier to store.

These tips can be used to repair leather boots that have already been damaged. It is better to prevent cracks from occurring than to try to fix them later.


Every man needs a pair of high-quality leather boots as a companion. Your feet can be very uncomfortable if your boots crack. It’s cheaper to care for your shoes than to buy a new pair every time yours gets broken.

It would be best if you took good care of your boots. They won’t last a long time if they aren’t properly maintained. Properly caring for your shoes can extend their life span. This article will help you keep your leather boots from cracking.


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